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Banquet Terms and Conditions

Banquet Terms and Conditions

The client, or person or party making arrangements on behalf of the client, must submit to the Hotel, no later than 12 noon, three business days (72 hours) prior to the scheduled function, a guaranteed number of guests attending all planned functions. Should the client not notify the Hotel of a guaranteed number, the Hotel shall use an "expected number" as the final guarantee. For events to be held on Sunday and Monday, notification of expected attendance must be submitted no later than 12 noon on the preceding Thursday.For functions to be held on Tuesday, notification of attendance must be submitted no later than 12 noon on the preceding Friday.In some instances, more advanced notice of attendance may be required due to menu complexity, holidays, delivery or other constraints.The expected number of attendees listed on the banquet event order shall constitute a guarantee, not subject to reduction, for which charges will be assessed accordingly.
Additionally, menu selections received within 14 days of an Event will be subject to a 10% increase on current period published banquet menu pricing.

2.Events with 100 Persons or Less:
For events of 100 persons or less, the guarantee will equal the set.

3.Set Maximum:
The standard banquet set is 5 ½ -ft. rounds of 10 people each. A service charge will apply if tables are set for less than 10 guests. The set for events with more than 100 persons are guaranteed will be 3% of the guarantee figure, but will not exceed more than 30 persons for a guarantee.

4.Guarantee Increases:
Within a 72-hour period, the guarantee can be increased up to the set number. However, there will be no additional overset.

5.Park Events:
Lawn chairs must be used in place of banquet chairs in the Anatole Park. Staging and bars must be placed on flat surfaces.Though Hotel dance floors are never used outdoors, the Anatole's large pool deck may be reserved for dance functions.Due to increased labor expenses, there is an additional charge of $5.00 per person for events in the park. Parties including outdoor bands, DJs etc., shall not extend past 9:00 p.m. without prior written approval from Anatole’s Executive Committee.

6.Special Meal Orders:
Special Meals are defined as those meals requested in addition to the principal menu, either contracted in advance or at the time of service. Special meals must be included in the guarantee or actual number, whichever is greater.

7.Unforeseen Price Increases:
All prices are subject to increase due to unforeseen increases in operational expenses related to the client function. Such increases may result from, but are not limited to: increases in food and beverage prices, labor costs, taxes and/or reasonable substitutions of menu items. The client agrees to pay such increased prices and accepts any and all substitutes made by the Hotel.

8.Taxes & Service Charge:
Client agrees to pay, in addition to the prices agreed upon and separate and apart therefrom, all Federal, State, District Taxes, and Service Charges that may be applicable.

Payment shall be made in advance of the function, unless approved credit has been established with the Hotel. If using credit, the client shall make a deposit at the time of contract signing, and a substantial additional payment at least 24 hours prior to the function. Any balance due to a credit account is due and payable thirty days after the date of the function. A service charge of one-and-one-half percent per month is added to any unpaid balance over thirty days old.

Easels and signage are not permitted on the Atrium Mezzanine level as each meeting rooms is equipped with digital posting monitors. Please consult with your Event Manager on your posting details for each room.

11.Food and Beverage:
Neither the Client nor his/her guests or invitees will be permitted to bring food and/or beverages of any kind into the Hotel or onto its premises without the express written permission of the Hotel.In the event such permission is granted, the Hotel is hereby authorized to charge for the service of said food and/or beverages. In accordance with Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commissions statutes, alcoholic beverages are never permitted to be brought on the premises.

All security needs require coordination that can be arranged through the Hotels Director of Security. Additional security officers may be required for your group if you, your organization or any affiliate with-in your group have had organized protestors or communicated threats at any event in the last three (3) years.One officer per one hundred (100) attendees will be required at a minimum and additional officers may be required as determined by Hotel Security. All charges borne by the Hotel for related requirements will be the sole responsibility of your organization and appear on your master account. Your Event/Catering Manager will assist you with all the arrangements.

13.Contractual Liability:
Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the Hotel management to complete the same and is subject to labor troubles, disputes or strikes, accidents, Government (Federal, State or Municipal) requisitions, restrictions upon travel, transportation, foods, beverages or supplies, and other causes, whether enumerated herein or not, beyond control of management preventing or interfering with performance.

Client agrees to be responsible for any damages done to Hotel equipment, goods or facilities during the function caused in whole or in part by the Client, his/her guests, employees, independent contractors or other agents.

15.Lost & Found:
The Hilton Anatole Hotel will not assume any responsibility for damages or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the Hotel prior to, during or following Client’s function.

There will be a labor charge of ($100.00) on all seated meal functions if the actual attendance is fewer than 100 guests.

17.Function Rooms:
The Hotel reserves the right to reassign equivalent function space as the Hotel deems warranted.

18.Alcoholic Beverage Policy:
All events where alcoholic beverages are consumed require the attendance of TABC certified beverage server(s) supplied by the Hotel.The Hotel will determine the minimum number of beverage servers.Per Texas State Law, alcoholic beverages of any kind will not be permitted to be brought into the hotel by the Client or any of the Client’s guests. All food and beverage items must be purchased from the Hotel.We welcome your requests for special items, which will be charged in their entirety per specific ordered quantities.Texas State Law further prohibits the removal of alcoholic beverages, purchased by the Hotel, for client consumption.Price and product lists are subject to change without notice.

19.City of Dallas Smoking Ordinance:
Smoking is prohibited in all public areas and meeting rooms.

There is a charge for both self and valet parking.The current parking rates are as follows and are inclusive of tax:
Self Parking:
       0-2 Hours$ 9.00
       2-4 Hours$13.00
       4-8 Hours$17.00
       8-24 Hours$19.00
Valet Parking:
       Standard Rate of $20

The parking rates that are in affect during the dates of your event may be greater or less.And will apply to those who choose to park in the hotel parking facility.

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